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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Unlimited Love- Bolna Mahi Bolna..

 Unlimited Love

                          Bolna....Mahi Bolna....

“Hii where are you?”

Me abhi bahar hu baad me baat karta hu.....” Anik was about to cut the call but she has interrupted

“Hey listen to me na.....” Kia was teasing him.

“Yes say” as always he has replied

“Nothing just i want to know what are you doing?” Kia was always like this. She was a girl who always love to smile made others smile.  But she never knows that her this habit is not good at every time.

“Nothing u say” once again Anik has replied.

“You say i used to speak a lot now u say because you never shared anything” this time Kia has finally opened up that she understood everything that he used to maintain distance between them. When she gave everything from her side and she was expecting him to give his half but still he failed in that from last nine months. But she has hope and this made the bondage more stronger. Kia has no limits in her silly thoughts and with that she used to tease him. Still he listened her because its all his love. Every person have some limits and Anik was kind of person who used to keep himself away from close relationship so sometimes its turn in to horrible fights.

“But i have nothing to say and if u have called to me for this rubbish talk than i am not interested , ttyl, faltu ki bakvaas” he has cut the call. But Kia was in mood of fight she has redialed his number,

"How could you cut my call? Kia has shouted

"Ok say me what you want to talk about?"

"Nothing you just stay outside tumhare pass kabhi mere lie time hi nhi hota.... i will never call you......" her voice become slower and he has noticed.

"Baby i am on my work so can we talk later?"Anik has gave up.

"Pahele nhi bol sakte the kya pagalu mera" and its turned in to romantic conversation.

"Pahele bataya hota to fir tu call nhi karti na pagalu meri....." Once again that war turns in to one romantic film.

Kia and Anik -some people used to give example oftheir love story but only few were about this relationship. Kia was daughter of village and Anik was boy of metro city. Most of the time they failed to understand each other and just like other love stories they also have so many problems with each other. Kia was working and Anik was struggling between his carieer and family. Being only the child of parents he always have thought of pampered by everyone and Kia pampered him. Among all these things there is one similarity between both of them and that is their love for each other. 

Just after one hour she got one message on her phone screen” Love you Jaanu” and once again their story has moved ahead. He loves her like everything but most of the time they failed to show it to each other. When Anik was living alone he was kind of secreat keeper and Kia has no secreats. And after all love has that power to make him open up about his feelings. They realise what is true love after met with each other. Love has been wanished from their life when they met and now they were losting in true love. Sometimes words are not enough to describe the feelings and something like this has been started in their life. And journey will go ahead...


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