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Monday, 24 October 2016

To The Lighthouse

-To the Lighthouse become very famous novel because the writer has used technique which is known as Steam if consciousness. We always think more rather than action and it's always make everything more complicate rather than it it.
-When we talk about her tribute she was still alive in the memory of everyone. She become successful in what she want - to be immortal. Everyone feel her emptiness . But when we saw her as critique we find she behave differently with boy and girl child. Even mag be she has never tried to establish good relationship between father and children.
-We find the character of Lily and Mrs. Ramsay where both are totally different from each other. Lily may represent the Virginia Woolf because Lily have a vision like Woolf has. She was also been to well presented but is shows that as Lily was painting and not more dear to everyone same she suffers. With the help of her character she has tried to represent herself and prove that women can write,paint and they have their own vision.
-Mrs. Ramsay told the story of 'Fisherman's wife' in which his wife was more greedy and asking more and more from the fish. She is doing what she want in any cost. The character of Ramsay is also something like she was refusing to go to the lighthouse and putting many arguments. But here it was not her greed or her selfish purpose. And she used to tell this story to her children which is myth but she was not aware about harm of this myth.