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Monday, 8 February 2016

Blog on structuralism

As we have seen that everything is always connected in one structure and when it is not it can not become a successful work of art. Structuralism is an approach to analysing the narrative material by examining the underlying invariant structure. We are living in society which has also one common structure. We can define structuralism with the example of some films and serials.

The film Players:(film)
Here we find that it was well developed and very smartly they made robbery. Even we find the story of revenge is also described here.

This is also one of the best example where we can apply structuralism because we find that from the beginning Akshay Kumar making plan that how to save people and at the end he also become successful to do it.

Happy New Year:(film)
This is also well organized film story. They planed out and work on that and finally at the end surprisingly they become successful in doing their work as planned.

This is one of the south Indian film and we find it is based on theme of revenge. As a girl she suffers but she was very conscious and also living in fire of revenge so at the end she completed her revenge and as a honest girl she arrest herself to the police.
These all are the examples of films which followed structuralism or we can apply structuralism on them.

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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Survey regarding my research

I met many people in the context of my research on Film and Fiction. I find that most of people answer positively when I ask if they have read books or not. But as I asked for the name most of them are not capable to give name books or author which shows that reading book is something like good thing. When children ask for permission for go and watch film most of the parents refused but when they ask to go to library most of parents encourage them to go there. 21st century is time of technology and books no more remain in Library but its come in Theatre and we have films which gives audio visual effect to those books. When I went to school for survey of children they have also done the same things. When I ask that either they prefer to read books or watching films and cartoons? Most of them choose to read books but when I ask to write name of books or stories you read and also name of films and cartoons they watch. The result is surprisingly most of them has given more names of film and fiction. At the end I find that most of us have different idealism and action. Reading book is something ideal while watching film is our action.