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Friday, 23 December 2016

Dream Girl

     "Now it's turn of our dream girl "  announced and everyone go crazy to listen her.
      "Honorable principal, teachers and my friends. Revolution in the education is clearly visible......." She has started and everyone forgot everything.
      "Thank you so much.." she has ended and a huge round of claps didn't stop untill she left the stage.
     "She is a smart student and she will definitely become the state champion" students whispered in the ears of each other. Principal as well as her tutor were very happy to see her performance and they became more hopeful for her.
      "Congratulations dear" she heard from back and found her tutor looked happy.
     "Thank you so much sir, it's your success not mine, if you didn't help me than I am not capable to achieve this." She won the zonal level competition.She looked so happy because her father also came with her to listen her performance.
      "Attention here, please, who get the first and second ranks are going to participating for the state competition and they will represent our eight districts. We are very hopeful for our stars to shine at the state competition. This function ends here and we wish all the best to our representatives."
      Ani looked very excited. People used to call her dream girl because she has big dreams and when she goes on the stage and give the speech many hearts started  beating for her. People thought that she has got blessed from some supernatural power because she never takes much time to remember her speech and her speech looks like written by her because she speaks with emotions.
    Next week at the  Mumbai she has competition. She looked very excited. Her dream to win state elocution competition going to be a real very soon. Her tutor also treated her in such a friendly way so it's became easy for her to understand the things easily. She didn't realize  that six days has been passed in the preparation and finally at the night she was going to leave for Mumbai. Ani belongs from political family so they have decided to stay at home of her grandpa's friend. But it was far away from her place of competition so they have decided to stay at some hotel.
    " Are you ok with me to live in one room ? The tutor has asked and both of them  nodded because they believed him like a father. Three of them have decided to live in one room - Ani, Kinjal and her tutor.
    " All the best Kinju " she have her essay competition on the first day while Ani has on second day. They did't realize how the time has been passed in going here and there for the topics of Ani's competition. Finally at the end of the day they got it. She didn't eat anything during the whole day.
     " Gulabjamunnnnn...." She saw that and took one and as she has opened her mouth her tutor catch her hand
     " you can't eat that "
     " But it's my favourite.."
    " Tomorrow you have competition and this will effect your voice "
    " Only one please.."
    " No means no"
    She has started  eating other things but suddenly she felt her stomachache goes unbearable and she couldn't bear that anymore. She ran to the room n fall down on the bed. Kinjal and her tutor has completed their dinner and Kinjal gave her pain killer.
     " You both sleep I am preparing your speech and as I will complete you read and recognise" her tutor gave smile and started his work.
     She fall a sleep soon and she need that. She was in the center of the bed on one side Kinju slept and other side her tutor was writing her script.
    But in the middle of the night suddenly she wake up. She feels that someone try to kiss her and removing her t-shirt. She wake up. It was not scary dream but she saw the evil.
   " How could you do that to me sir? She pushed him back before he can do anything she run away in the garden. Kinjal was lost in her dreams and Ani was lost in sobs. No one was there to ask her. She broken down in sobs and that melted in the dark night.
    " Good morning mam ! One of the Hotel manager greeted her and she realised it's morning. She came to her room. She didn't find guilty on the face of that basterd.
    " Read your script, you are going to speak this today." He put it on the table. She took the bath and read it many times but she couldn't remember a single thing.
    " Are you all right Ani ? Kinju asked.
   " Yes I am..."
   " She is not looking allright because of her today presentation and also tired" Before she complete her sentence her tutor interfer.
   " Yes, that's true. Bdw  Marry Christmas dear" Kinju hugs her cold body.
   She took the bath and got ready for the competition. She tried her best to not forget but it seemed like her mind was stuck. She met the other participants and as she listened them she felt that she would get the rank easily because there was no one who can compete her.
    " Number four Ani Shetti " announced.
    " Here present honourable judges, and all my dear friends, According to Indian concept earth is mother earth, we consider such animal as vehicle of God, we worship environment as God....And......And.....Hmmmmm...................,.....And............................................................,..................................................................." Her mind was blank. She kept mum.
She found her tutor staring at her and the last night suddenly lightened in her mind. She left the stage and for everyone it's seemed like strange.
" Let's go back to home today only " Ani was cried.
    " But you want to see the Mumbai ...."
    " But now I want to go back " before kinju complete Ani interrupted.
     " Ohk, than we will go tonight " her tutor said and looked at her but she keeps her eyes on the ground.
     They came back to home and she cried a lot. Everyone think it's because of her competition.
    It was only the one time now that tutor got the chance and he knew that she never said this to her family because he became good friend of her father. He used to come for dinner at her home. She remained silent. She put the smile on her lips which cried loudly from inside. He told her father to send her to his home for tuition and her father agreed.
     Everyday she was harrased by her tutor. She can't speak to anyone. She remained silent and that basterd has spoiled the childhood of sixteen years dreams.
    Many years have been passed but still she got scary dreams. And he lived like he has done nothing. He has destroyed the dream of dream girl.


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  4. Good one ! Wish to read some more from dream girl ! Keep it up

  5. It's very interesting story in very simple language, nice one.

  6. Thank you so much to Milan Parmar, Komal Shahedadpuri and Mansi Kansara. The wish of Dream Girl is fulfilled by Lady Cobra. Go enthusiastic with supergirl Lady Cobra.