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Thursday, 27 April 2017

My Phone!! Really ??

When i have choose the title i know what you will think after reading the title and guess what? You are right. It's all about phone and phone of girl(boy khud ko dur rakhe). In our society girl is not engaged and still have phone 😱and she is chatting with friends(Not boy because ak ladka or AK ladki kabhi dost nhi ho sakte😡) than what everybody thought🤔🤔 she must have boyfriend.

Her phone is for family. For brother it is toy, for mother it is tool to play her "Bhajans" and much more for everyone. She should not listen the song because it spoils her and chatting with anyone is always point to raise questions on her character.

And by mistake if she has privacy lock 😱😱😱😱and how she dare to have privacy in her phone(actually not her phone😬). She never have any kind of personal stuff because our 'gudiya' is open book and she should sacrifice her personal life for family.

Some girl used save the numbers of boys on the name of girl and now i get it why girls do that things. Parents used to say "i am very open minded and i gave phone to my daughter"- ohh congratulation parents. Please give her some privacy also because she need it just like your son. And accept that she also have some friends who all are not girl because she is living the world where girl and boy are in competition.

And how could i forget clothes👗 of girl😥. Now a days girls have started to show her body and of course she wear short clothes which attract the attention of "Sanskari boy". Our mother used to say "Don't wear that because your father don't like that and he was telling me that it showed your body". Excuse me who told father to look there🙄. It's her choice so don't give her freedom to select her clothes and simply you should go and purchase "Burkha" for her. Believe me 😬no body can see a single finger of girl.

And the last one is choice of life partner. Generally girl never has this right. Boy came to see her and than if all sets than they come to her place for all the rituals. Before discussing this let me say one more point- Now a days parents says to daughter that if she has anyone in her life they will accept him. But when actually she said that to her parents🙄 it's like throwing atomic bomb🔥🏮 in Nagasaki. Believe me that will be not like what girl have imagined.

I favour our old ritual of killing little baby girl in milk. Because if she will grow up than she will ask for freedom, equality, privacy and her choice. She will ask for her own room.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Unlimited Love- Bolna Mahi Bolna..

 Unlimited Love

                          Bolna....Mahi Bolna....

“Hii where are you?”

Me abhi bahar hu baad me baat karta hu.....” Anik was about to cut the call but she has interrupted

“Hey listen to me na.....” Kia was teasing him.

“Yes say” as always he has replied

“Nothing just i want to know what are you doing?” Kia was always like this. She was a girl who always love to smile made others smile.  But she never knows that her this habit is not good at every time.

“Nothing u say” once again Anik has replied.

“You say i used to speak a lot now u say because you never shared anything” this time Kia has finally opened up that she understood everything that he used to maintain distance between them. When she gave everything from her side and she was expecting him to give his half but still he failed in that from last nine months. But she has hope and this made the bondage more stronger. Kia has no limits in her silly thoughts and with that she used to tease him. Still he listened her because its all his love. Every person have some limits and Anik was kind of person who used to keep himself away from close relationship so sometimes its turn in to horrible fights.

“But i have nothing to say and if u have called to me for this rubbish talk than i am not interested , ttyl, faltu ki bakvaas” he has cut the call. But Kia was in mood of fight she has redialed his number,

"How could you cut my call? Kia has shouted

"Ok say me what you want to talk about?"

"Nothing you just stay outside tumhare pass kabhi mere lie time hi nhi hota.... i will never call you......" her voice become slower and he has noticed.

"Baby i am on my work so can we talk later?"Anik has gave up.

"Pahele nhi bol sakte the kya pagalu mera" and its turned in to romantic conversation.

"Pahele bataya hota to fir tu call nhi karti na pagalu meri....." Once again that war turns in to one romantic film.

Kia and Anik -some people used to give example oftheir love story but only few were about this relationship. Kia was daughter of village and Anik was boy of metro city. Most of the time they failed to understand each other and just like other love stories they also have so many problems with each other. Kia was working and Anik was struggling between his carieer and family. Being only the child of parents he always have thought of pampered by everyone and Kia pampered him. Among all these things there is one similarity between both of them and that is their love for each other. 

Just after one hour she got one message on her phone screen” Love you Jaanu” and once again their story has moved ahead. He loves her like everything but most of the time they failed to show it to each other. When Anik was living alone he was kind of secreat keeper and Kia has no secreats. And after all love has that power to make him open up about his feelings. They realise what is true love after met with each other. Love has been wanished from their life when they met and now they were losting in true love. Sometimes words are not enough to describe the feelings and something like this has been started in their life. And journey will go ahead...


Friday, 7 April 2017

Unlimited love- Tu mere saath ho

Tu Mere Saath Ho

Where are you stupid i am searching for you from last 15 minutes” Kia was high because still she was clueless about the place where they have decided to go for lunch. Butterflies were flying in her stomach because first time she was going to meet her Crush(secretly). Anik was also exited to meet the girls who has made the life like dream from the last month and finally the moments come and they saw each other. Everything was stopped for a moment and they were frozen.

Hey so finally we are here” Anik has broken the silence.

yeah” Kia couldn't control her eyes.

So lets go for Lunch” 
Yeah lets go” She has started to walk.Both of them want to hold the hands but still they have miles to go and its beginning. When they sat she coulnt look at him because her eyes were rolled down and not for a single second she has stopped to smile. That half hour seems like a year to them because they fall in love.

Movie?” Anik has asked and he knew the answer.

OK” And guess-it was romantic film. Anik has hold her hand and kissed. His warm touch made her crazy and they both feel the warmness of love. None of them were aware about it but now its the time and with the romantic song their lips met for the first time. They have closed the eyes and just flew away from this world. They didn't say anything and just hugged tightly and he whispered in her ear,

I really Love you my Jaanu”

I love you too my Shona” and they looked in the eyes of each other one more time they have hugged. 
More than you” Anik has started to tease her.

Chal jutha” and its turns in to smile and laughter. 
Life goes on and so their love.But at some point both were connected with their past and when Kia's ex-boyfriend has started to creat problem in her life Anik was there with her like her back. Life is like paradise when two fall in love and just enjoying the moments.Some promises and fights used to make the relationship more stronger. 

Present day

Anik was always there when she needed him and now its her turn to be there when he needed her by his side. His ex-girlfriend want to ruined his relationship with Kia as revenge but she was not knowing the worth of their relationship. She has messaged Kia and started to describe the negative points of Anik because she think it will make some effect on her. Kia and Anik has accepted each other with all their minus and plus points. They have given time to each other and yes now they have seven promises because they promise on every anniversary.

“Anik is still living with my memory so i can destroy him” When Kia read her message she has smile on her lips and her eyes were red because she was talking about destroying him and Kia has promised him to face all the problems before they came to him. When Anik came to know about this he realize the love of Kia was not just to say but she stand with him as lover, she stood before him to face everything before him and next to him to support.

This is not the end but journey go ahead and they were totally unaware about what they have ahead in their life. So any love stories used to be destroyed everyday on the name of tradition and social value. Will their love story go ahead?


Unlimited Love

Unlimited  Love


 Paheli Mulakat

“He is not alone he has back now so don't dare you to do anything to him” Kia has replied.
“You don't know i can destroy him” she has shouted from other side of phone
“You can't dear i promise” with a smile Kia has cut the call but her mind has started working fast.

She was totally unaware about all the things before 7 months and now she was fighting for him. Her heart and mind were in race. Rather than doing anything else she has dialed his number and told everything to him. Anik- her love was kind of busy but this thing has made him angry because now he has one person in his heart and that person is his Kia. Just in seven months they become soul mates and now its Kia's turn to fight for her love.

7 months ago

Mansuda i am clueless about my assignment topic and just after 15 days i have submission just say something yaar” Kia was worried and now rather than thinking about the topic she was asking her friend who is totally clueless about her study.

Once you were talking about some LGBT so take it as your topic” Mansi has suggested.

OK but i don't have any idea about that” without paying much attention to her answer Kia was busy with her Phone and suddenly she has shouted,

Mansuda just look at this picture he is handsome what you say?'

No way he is just looking like a child, I am not interested”

But i am interested because look at his status and it suggested he is interested in male....”

you mean he is G......”

May be who knows” both of them have smiled and she has accepted his friend request. She was exited to know about Gay and their world she has read one book on them but she wanted to know if that was true or just glamorized thing.

Hii” Kia has started the chat.

Hiiii” reply from another side.

Are you serious about your status?” She has directly came to the point.

Yes I am” Anik has replied.

Thats really good to listen that people like you are accepting it openly. May i put screen shot of your status in my assignment as proof? The spark of getting something worthy was clearly appeared in her eyes and she lost in her dream in which her professor was praising her for bringing recent example but one notification has broken his dream.

What are you talking about status and which status”

That you are interested in male”

Excuse me who said this? I am talking about my status of single” His replied has broken her dreamworld just in few seconds and for few second none of them spoke anything and suddenly they both sent smiley of laughter and both were laughing.

This is their first meeting on face book and they become friends. He was flirting like he has completed PhD in this topic and girls always have soft corner for the one who praise her. They used to talk for hours and one beautiful relation was established between to unknown persons.

Do you have boyfriend? “ Anik has asked for the first time another personal stuff.

No, But i had and what about you?” 
I just broke up months ago..” for few seconds the silence between both of them was for their heart breaking relationship and the most beautiful thing is they both were passing from the same situation this brings them very close to each other.

Hey that means we both are single so i can flurt with you” Anik has broke the silence and one beautiful smile came on her face. 
Yes Shona you can” 
You are so sweet Jaanu” and finally the things turned in to Jaanu and Shona.
The days flied like dream and one fine night she has said,

I love you shona” and he was shocked for moment and Kia got the situation that her joke was not funny and than both of​ them have controlled the situation but somewhere these words have started to creat some feelings in their hearts. 
Hey Love you too Jaanu” he has called her in the midnight and now its turn to be shocked and he has started to laugh. Both were laughing because they were pretending like its joke from both the sides. 
So finally we are boyfriend and girlfriend” Kia has started the further conversation and his reply was as usual.

Yes jaanu so lets have date” 
OK lets go”


Monday, 3 April 2017

Presentation evaluation blog

Revolution 2020

Revolution 2020

Chetan Bhagat

It is written by Chetan Bhagat. The fiction has been started in Varansi which is one of the holy place of India. Even the protagonists were very little. Than they grew up and their dreams leads them in different direction.

Love and the Politics remain the center of the novel even there was love triangle. Money is important to live the life but money is not life.Arti, Gopal and Raghav are best friends and the protagonists of the fiction.

The novel talk about dream, love, ambition, politics, friendship and journalist. In modern time these elements become part of our life. At the every point of life these things comes to us. The realization is something important and after knowing the mistakes one have to face a big turn in life and Gopal has done that. Being a son of poor man he has dream of earning a lots of money and for that he has unknowingly stepped in to politics.

But “ Satyamev Jayate' means truth wins and here at the end Raghav got marry with Arti to whom Gopal was in love from the childhood. The language of the book is very easy to understand. This is the second book i read in English and after reading his book i got confidence that i can read English novel.

Till the Last breath

Till The Last Breath

Durjoy Datta

One of my favorite romance by Durjoy Datta. The novel has been focused on the medical field where people are very busy wit their life and hospital is such place where some gets new life and some says goodbye to the life. Some gets new smile and some voice pressed in the sobs.

Till the last breath is the story of two patient and two doctors. By the time four of them fall in love and story gets a new turn. In this novel we find the touch of modernity because the writer has described the story with doctor and the patient story. Now parents are not that much conservative mind.

Pihu and Dushyant are the patient who have hared their room and slowly they become friends.The boy was spoiled bratt and girl was a sweet. They fall in love and life shows beautiful colors to them at the end of the life.

Journey from spoiled bratt to good guy of Dushyant and from college toper to the life giver Pihu has been described in the novel. Even the life of doctor as well as the one little girl who was abused in the childhood and not supported by her own parents is also there in the novel.

Yes i remember hat when i had lost my hands i got this book and got a great inspiration to live the life and that has given a lots of confidence to me. The novel has gone to the best level of romance, inspiration, life and struggle as well as it goes beyond the life.

Half Girlfriend

Half Girlfriend
    -Chetan Bhagat

The book s written by Chetan Bhagat. He become very popular writer because of his simple language, plot and specially for writing about youth. This book can be consider as romance but it is also more than the romance.

The girl was born and brought up in the Delhi while the hero was from UP. The hero was the prince of that state but as he was living in the village he was poor in English. No doubt it is a good love story but this idea of connecting two- The one who live with English and the one who knows a little bit of English.

The fiction has been situated in three places. Even there is no villain in the story. It can be consider as modern literature because here the theme of love has been introduced with different treatment. One must read the fiction to understand what is the definition of love for different people.