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Thursday, 27 April 2017

My Phone!! Really ??

When i have choose the title i know what you will think after reading the title and guess what? You are right. It's all about phone and phone of girl(boy khud ko dur rakhe). In our society girl is not engaged and still have phone 😱and she is chatting with friends(Not boy because ak ladka or AK ladki kabhi dost nhi ho sakte😡) than what everybody thought🤔🤔 she must have boyfriend.

Her phone is for family. For brother it is toy, for mother it is tool to play her "Bhajans" and much more for everyone. She should not listen the song because it spoils her and chatting with anyone is always point to raise questions on her character.

And by mistake if she has privacy lock 😱😱😱😱and how she dare to have privacy in her phone(actually not her phone😬). She never have any kind of personal stuff because our 'gudiya' is open book and she should sacrifice her personal life for family.

Some girl used save the numbers of boys on the name of girl and now i get it why girls do that things. Parents used to say "i am very open minded and i gave phone to my daughter"- ohh congratulation parents. Please give her some privacy also because she need it just like your son. And accept that she also have some friends who all are not girl because she is living the world where girl and boy are in competition.

And how could i forget clothes👗 of girl😥. Now a days girls have started to show her body and of course she wear short clothes which attract the attention of "Sanskari boy". Our mother used to say "Don't wear that because your father don't like that and he was telling me that it showed your body". Excuse me who told father to look there🙄. It's her choice so don't give her freedom to select her clothes and simply you should go and purchase "Burkha" for her. Believe me 😬no body can see a single finger of girl.

And the last one is choice of life partner. Generally girl never has this right. Boy came to see her and than if all sets than they come to her place for all the rituals. Before discussing this let me say one more point- Now a days parents says to daughter that if she has anyone in her life they will accept him. But when actually she said that to her parents🙄 it's like throwing atomic bomb🔥🏮 in Nagasaki. Believe me that will be not like what girl have imagined.

I favour our old ritual of killing little baby girl in milk. Because if she will grow up than she will ask for freedom, equality, privacy and her choice. She will ask for her own room.


  1. Agree with You. Girls should have some privacy. And it is only given by family. If family will give right to life and library to their daughter in real meaning(as it is written in Article 21 of constitution of India) Then no gl needs to fight for their Freedom of expression and speech with parents. Society is secondary thing if our family is stand with us then society cant do any thing.
    Parents should be a good friend of their daughter not be investigator��

  2. She has privacy lock doesn't mean she is hiding but she have some personal stuff which she doesn't want to share with anyone.

  3. She has privacy lock doesn't mean she is hiding but she have some personal stuff which she doesn't want to share with anyone.

  4. I totally agree with it....as I am boy but still I haven't any shame to tell that today I am doing competition with girls.....😘😘