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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Blog on Eliot

Respected sir,
Here I have given my views regarding your questions.
1) I find that Nietzsche have idea of super human which believe in future and progressive for the solution of current problems.  While T.S. Eliot has gone to history to find the solution because history never dies its live in another form and repeat so we can find solution from the history.  He gave example of Upanishad,  Buddhism and Christianity. Here I am agree with both of them.
2) I think that both of them are right on their places. Fraud believe in the individual while Eliot think of salvation with the help of religion and also we find that fraud gave equal place to individual as Eliot give place to human being.
3) When we read the poem ' The Waste Land' we find such a reference of Upanishada, Buddhism which prove that he has read the Indian literature. He find the last and ultimate salvation in Indian philosophy.
He has described three - Da
- Datta
- Dayadhvam
- Damyata
The poem ends with -
         "Om Shanti Shanti Shanti"
this show that he believe that the answer of all the questions are lying in the Philosophy of India.
Thank you.

Film review of ' The Reluctant Fundamentalist'

    Few days ago in during the discussion of postcolonial study we got chance to watch the film 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' which is directed by Meera Naire. The film is also known as " Dreams are lost in the melting pot"The film has very sensational theme. We find that everything is going good untill the attack on World Trade Centre. The protagonist was living happy life even we find that  a Pakistani person(protagonist) is living very happy life with his girl friend and very happy with his job. But just a one attack was enough to ruin his life.
   As a Pakistani white people have started to look at him like he is terrorist. When he was checked by police it was really insulting act for him. We find that he lost his job and Visa just because of being Pakistani. Every person feel proud to be a citizen of his country but he was insulted because of his national status.
   He come back to Pakistan. The people of his country have supported him. There is one dialogue,
       " When I was there I have American dreams         
        but now you will help me to create   
         Pakistani dreams "
    He has started to give education to the students and also he was very popular among the students. He knows the power of pen and he has done it. But again American come to his country to caught him where they find he was totally innocent.
    Black skin people are always being object of doubt for d white people. They used to treat them like slave and see them as a terrorist. The film has described that one left his all the happiness just because of his national status. It was really insulting point of seeing the way world and the poor countries.

Film review 'Midnight's Children'

Recently see got chance to watch film 'Midnight's children' at the department for academic purpose.The is a film directed by Deep Mehta which is based on the novel 'Midnight's children' written by Salman Rushdie. The film is interesting one. The film started when still India was ruled by English people. Then the moment come, on the night of 14th August, 1947 finally India got freedom and the children who were born on that midnight they all have some magical power.
      The film has many of year time duration because the three generations were described by the director. The real picture of partition and the condition of India and Pakistan is described here. They all the Midnight's Children have some magical power and he find that no one else is capable to see their secret meetings.
  Parvati is a magician to whome the protagonist used to call a Witch. she knows magic and he fall in love with her. Parvati have child in her womb who is baby of Shiva. One day Indira Gandhi declared  "An Emergency" and all the children of Midnight's were collected and made them incapable for children. All the slum area was removed to remove poverty of India which is such a cruel act of Indian politician !
   Film narrated that all of them become a victim of condition. Really they are blessed or cursed ? The condition of poor people as well as high-class people who get higher position is very well presented. Even we find that high-class people believe in manners and lower class people believe in love.
The last scene of the film when protagonist introduce his son to his nurse he call her as mother and he introduce his son to his nurse as son.  That are not true relationships but when there is no one to share love whoever we have become the family is really heart touching scene of the film.