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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Lady Cobra

          "You bloody bastard" Ahali caught him and started beating. The crowd of the people shouted to leave him because it looks like he is on the verge of death.
          "Ahali leave him" Hiral pulled her and just on  the moment her father arrived there and they stopped her. But her ager was out of control.
          "Is time tu Bach gaya B*, but another time even god can't save you from me you Son of bitch"  she didn't stop even in the presence of her father and it is not easy to control her. Ahali is 10 years old girl. She brought up in such 'gangster' family so she is kind of wild but she is very kind by heart. She always got first rank in the class and when she put her pink skirt n t-shirt she looks like an angle.
            From the few days she heard that one of the boy of her school has started to harras the girls of the school and sometimes he abuse them in front of everyone. But as he is senior no one dare to complain against him. But for  Ahali  there is nothing like 'fear' in her dictionary. She taught him a lesson.
            "Bravo my girl, Bravo" Shrey spoke with such loud voice that it was audible for the whole class.
            "I can also break you brain, you pervert stay away from me"
            "Owe, oww, owww me dar gaya"
            "Darna hi to thik se aata he tuje..Creepy " and she laughed. The class teacher entered in the class and they kept quite.
           "This is so stupid mom, I will not wear that. It's my first day in the college and I want to wear my blue one piece. Give it to me."
           " But you also looks beautiful in to jeans as well as kurta."
           "No means No,I am not to attend the marriage but I am going to the COLLEGE. I don't like these all just give me mine"
           "So you won't change ever, even now you are in college "
  .        "Yup" she kissed her mother and get her clothes and put her favorite one. It's her first day in the college. She looked in the mirror and realize how beautiful she looked in that dress. She was very popular in the boys while she was in school. Her popularity was not only because of her beauty but the boys also feel safe with her.
          "Oye Lady Cobra, bite me. I wanna die by your poison my sweetheart.." before he complete his feeling just on the next second he feel pain between his legs and also her hand prints on his cheeks were visible to everyone. She gave her introduction. And gave a big smile to him.
          "One may a smile and smile be a villain" he remembered the great Shakespeare and thought if Shakespeare has met her than he never thought of writing anything on woman.  Yes, she is Ahali who now turn in to 18. She is known as Lady Cobra because after beaten by her none of the guy has ever thought of harass the girl.
           "Ahali principal is calling you in his office" the peon gave her message and she knows why principal is calling her.
          "Ahali I know you are a very good girl and also very intelligent but please don't mess up with anyone because we cannot change the whole society and I don't want to see you in any trouble because of other" the principal has directly told her.
          "Ok Sir, everything about that but if you find anything wrong and I won't believe anyone"she leave the  office.
         One day her mother was passing from near to the college so she thought of going to see progress of her daughter. As she entered n the gate she find no one was there in the college.
          "Class must be going so everyone is not appearing"She thought.
          "But why is there not such a sound of teacher? she doubted 
          "I should go to meet principal directly. I am just mad and wasting my time behind my silly thoughts" She stepped towards the office of principal. But there was no one in the office. 
          "Excuse me Ma'am, What you want" the peon has asked her and it seems like he was busy in wind up the things. So he didn't notice the lady.
          "Actually i came to meet principal, may i meet him?" 
          "He left before an hour. and college time is from 10 AM to 3 PM. You can come tomorrow to meet him." again he has started his work. But now hundreds of thoughts come in her mind. Just before the few days she has asked Ahali to come home at 4 PM because they have some rituals to complete. The storm of thoughts has started to break her passion. She could not understand that where her daughter is going after the class? Even she is totally unaware about whre is she now? Its hurted a lot to her that her daughter lied to them. But she has decided to spy over her and not ask a single question about her mysterious lie.
          3 months have been passed. One morning when she came to the college she heard screaming of one girl and without wasting a second she understand the situation. She rushed  in the direction of the screaming sound.
         "Hey sale MC, if you want to show your muscularity than fight with some real man" she kicked the a** of one of the boys and he fell on the ground in pain.
         "you bloody p********* I want to f*** you because you think you have a guts  than It will be great pleasure with you." One of them have shouted  and others laughed. Her eyes turn  in to read and she thought everything just in a second.
         "Let me love you my Janeman"everyone laughed on her. 
         "Are bhai aaj to ak sath do mil rahi he, sach hi kaha he kisi ne ki jab bhi uparvala deta he to chhappar fad ke deta he. you carry on with your cat and let me have fun with this maal" his eyes were full of lust and they all looks like they could eat both of the girls. Both the girls were frozen as hey come near but Ahali was not frozen in fear but she thought how to handle the condition. She knew that if she will not do anything than get failure inher mission. She has decided to set an example for the women and her power.
          "Just look her figure bro, I cant handle anymore. I cant imagine my next hour..whaaaa.....wwhhaaa.... its out of imagination. And you bitch, just follow my instruction else you know very well. Saali filme to dekhti hi hogi" they laugh in such tone that their evil thoughts reflect in their devil laughter. Two of them move towards Ahali. Just in the second Ahali made master plan. They move two steps ahead and Ahali run towards them. Before they could understand the situation Ahali beat the shit out of them. 
             She  kicked between his legs and throw him . After look this another rushed with wild face but Ahali was not lesser than a storm. As the another girl looed this she also collect some courage and slapped the boy. these all have been happened just in two-three minutes that it was shocking for those boys. It seems like a filmy  but one girl was fighting for the rights, existence and her status in the society. To kill the Evil who live in the mind of some people. One of them run towards their vehicle and come back with Bottle of acid.
             That was the moment, hundreds of scene comes in the mind of Ahali. She remembered all the victim girls- Acid attack, rape, sexual harassment. Once her father said"Girls are the soul of SHAKTI. Know yourself and set the example" She has closed her eyes because she has understood that in this fight she may become victim of acid attack but without anything she must not accept the upcoming horror. She rushed towards that boy who has bottle of acid and he was about to opened that. She kick the bottle before he could opened that. She Slaped him and kicked him so furiously that he reached to the verge of death.

         She was fighting not for self defense but it was for all the girls who could not wear short clothes, could not go for party, Could not stay out at the late night. She has decided to not give up until the last breath.In the fight her head was injured and everything turns into black. Her head bleed a lot. Still she has not give up and continued to beat everyone but just because of her injury she can't saw them. One of them has tried to torn out her clothes but she gave him a hard fist that he couldn't get up ever.
         "Lady Cobraaaaaa........" She has shouted. The echo of her roar reflected in the every corner of colony. And the every doors of the cooly have been opened like storm come there. Yes The every single girl who head this left the home with whatever weapon was available on the moment. Just in a few seconds the group of girls arrived there and it's become historical moments as well as great lesson for guys. They were beaten up in such a way that they couldn't get up ever in their life.
         "Girls,Just look at this bottle. They want to throw it on Ahali. Lets show him that how much acid is useful for the skin." one of them got that bottle of acid
         "Filmo me dekha hoga na Acid attack? lets try this and make that true." Everyone was  agreed with her and they have decided to teach the lesson to every monster that how it feels when you throw acid on girl. They throw it on their pants. They scream in the pain. The crowd of people were looking at them but no one moves like always. For them it doesn't matter if the victim is girl or boy, they just enjoyed the show.
          Ahali was badly injured and after the treatment of 8 months she come back to college. Now her mother understand that after the college she used to teach the lesson of Self defense to all the girls.
         "Hey, Lady Cobra " the principal called.

         "Yes sir" every girl of the college has replied. They laugh.



  1. Well done Ami...reafing this story give a kind of satisfaction as a girl..bravo my Lady cobra..

  2. Thank you Binaba. This is the wish of Dream girl to be a Lady Cobra