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Friday, 7 April 2017

Unlimited love- Tu mere saath ho

Tu Mere Saath Ho

Where are you stupid i am searching for you from last 15 minutes” Kia was high because still she was clueless about the place where they have decided to go for lunch. Butterflies were flying in her stomach because first time she was going to meet her Crush(secretly). Anik was also exited to meet the girls who has made the life like dream from the last month and finally the moments come and they saw each other. Everything was stopped for a moment and they were frozen.

Hey so finally we are here” Anik has broken the silence.

yeah” Kia couldn't control her eyes.

So lets go for Lunch” 
Yeah lets go” She has started to walk.Both of them want to hold the hands but still they have miles to go and its beginning. When they sat she coulnt look at him because her eyes were rolled down and not for a single second she has stopped to smile. That half hour seems like a year to them because they fall in love.

Movie?” Anik has asked and he knew the answer.

OK” And guess-it was romantic film. Anik has hold her hand and kissed. His warm touch made her crazy and they both feel the warmness of love. None of them were aware about it but now its the time and with the romantic song their lips met for the first time. They have closed the eyes and just flew away from this world. They didn't say anything and just hugged tightly and he whispered in her ear,

I really Love you my Jaanu”

I love you too my Shona” and they looked in the eyes of each other one more time they have hugged. 
More than you” Anik has started to tease her.

Chal jutha” and its turns in to smile and laughter. 
Life goes on and so their love.But at some point both were connected with their past and when Kia's ex-boyfriend has started to creat problem in her life Anik was there with her like her back. Life is like paradise when two fall in love and just enjoying the moments.Some promises and fights used to make the relationship more stronger. 

Present day

Anik was always there when she needed him and now its her turn to be there when he needed her by his side. His ex-girlfriend want to ruined his relationship with Kia as revenge but she was not knowing the worth of their relationship. She has messaged Kia and started to describe the negative points of Anik because she think it will make some effect on her. Kia and Anik has accepted each other with all their minus and plus points. They have given time to each other and yes now they have seven promises because they promise on every anniversary.

“Anik is still living with my memory so i can destroy him” When Kia read her message she has smile on her lips and her eyes were red because she was talking about destroying him and Kia has promised him to face all the problems before they came to him. When Anik came to know about this he realize the love of Kia was not just to say but she stand with him as lover, she stood before him to face everything before him and next to him to support.

This is not the end but journey go ahead and they were totally unaware about what they have ahead in their life. So any love stories used to be destroyed everyday on the name of tradition and social value. Will their love story go ahead?