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Friday, 7 April 2017

Unlimited Love

Unlimited  Love


 Paheli Mulakat

“He is not alone he has back now so don't dare you to do anything to him” Kia has replied.
“You don't know i can destroy him” she has shouted from other side of phone
“You can't dear i promise” with a smile Kia has cut the call but her mind has started working fast.

She was totally unaware about all the things before 7 months and now she was fighting for him. Her heart and mind were in race. Rather than doing anything else she has dialed his number and told everything to him. Anik- her love was kind of busy but this thing has made him angry because now he has one person in his heart and that person is his Kia. Just in seven months they become soul mates and now its Kia's turn to fight for her love.

7 months ago

Mansuda i am clueless about my assignment topic and just after 15 days i have submission just say something yaar” Kia was worried and now rather than thinking about the topic she was asking her friend who is totally clueless about her study.

Once you were talking about some LGBT so take it as your topic” Mansi has suggested.

OK but i don't have any idea about that” without paying much attention to her answer Kia was busy with her Phone and suddenly she has shouted,

Mansuda just look at this picture he is handsome what you say?'

No way he is just looking like a child, I am not interested”

But i am interested because look at his status and it suggested he is interested in male....”

you mean he is G......”

May be who knows” both of them have smiled and she has accepted his friend request. She was exited to know about Gay and their world she has read one book on them but she wanted to know if that was true or just glamorized thing.

Hii” Kia has started the chat.

Hiiii” reply from another side.

Are you serious about your status?” She has directly came to the point.

Yes I am” Anik has replied.

Thats really good to listen that people like you are accepting it openly. May i put screen shot of your status in my assignment as proof? The spark of getting something worthy was clearly appeared in her eyes and she lost in her dream in which her professor was praising her for bringing recent example but one notification has broken his dream.

What are you talking about status and which status”

That you are interested in male”

Excuse me who said this? I am talking about my status of single” His replied has broken her dreamworld just in few seconds and for few second none of them spoke anything and suddenly they both sent smiley of laughter and both were laughing.

This is their first meeting on face book and they become friends. He was flirting like he has completed PhD in this topic and girls always have soft corner for the one who praise her. They used to talk for hours and one beautiful relation was established between to unknown persons.

Do you have boyfriend? “ Anik has asked for the first time another personal stuff.

No, But i had and what about you?” 
I just broke up months ago..” for few seconds the silence between both of them was for their heart breaking relationship and the most beautiful thing is they both were passing from the same situation this brings them very close to each other.

Hey that means we both are single so i can flurt with you” Anik has broke the silence and one beautiful smile came on her face. 
Yes Shona you can” 
You are so sweet Jaanu” and finally the things turned in to Jaanu and Shona.
The days flied like dream and one fine night she has said,

I love you shona” and he was shocked for moment and Kia got the situation that her joke was not funny and than both of​ them have controlled the situation but somewhere these words have started to creat some feelings in their hearts. 
Hey Love you too Jaanu” he has called her in the midnight and now its turn to be shocked and he has started to laugh. Both were laughing because they were pretending like its joke from both the sides. 
So finally we are boyfriend and girlfriend” Kia has started the further conversation and his reply was as usual.

Yes jaanu so lets have date” 
OK lets go”


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