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Monday, 3 April 2017

Till the Last breath

Till The Last Breath

Durjoy Datta

One of my favorite romance by Durjoy Datta. The novel has been focused on the medical field where people are very busy wit their life and hospital is such place where some gets new life and some says goodbye to the life. Some gets new smile and some voice pressed in the sobs.

Till the last breath is the story of two patient and two doctors. By the time four of them fall in love and story gets a new turn. In this novel we find the touch of modernity because the writer has described the story with doctor and the patient story. Now parents are not that much conservative mind.

Pihu and Dushyant are the patient who have hared their room and slowly they become friends.The boy was spoiled bratt and girl was a sweet. They fall in love and life shows beautiful colors to them at the end of the life.

Journey from spoiled bratt to good guy of Dushyant and from college toper to the life giver Pihu has been described in the novel. Even the life of doctor as well as the one little girl who was abused in the childhood and not supported by her own parents is also there in the novel.

Yes i remember hat when i had lost my hands i got this book and got a great inspiration to live the life and that has given a lots of confidence to me. The novel has gone to the best level of romance, inspiration, life and struggle as well as it goes beyond the life.

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