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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

God or me

Ami Sojitra,
These are my personal view:

    If I am Hindu than I will worship god Krishna,Vishnu or Shiva or any goddesses. If I am Muslim than I will worship Khuda or Muhhamad Pigambar. If I am Christian than I will worship Jesus. There is one common thing in all of them is they are Human being having some supernatural power as described in our mirths.
    Today if I say God Krishna was looking ugly than no one believe me because we have image of Krishna as he was playing flute and surrounded by ladies called "Gopi". If I try to draw picture of Muslim god than they will blast me because we have some particular image and thought given by our parents.
    Hindu culture has point out this element called-God in Vedas and Shastras. According to it God is a soul. We can say soul of some people who have broken border made by so called society and reveal reality. They pulled people from illusion to reality and today we called them as god.
  We all know that:
         "Krishna was not Hindu
          Pigambar was not Muslim and
         Jesus was not christian"
     They are some who has broken boundary of religion. I remember dialogue of movie "OH MY GOD" god told the man:-
    "In logo se inka god man chhino varna e tumhe apna god banda dege"
We find same thing.
     We called Sun as god,Air as god,river as goddess and these all are part of nature. Nature means god and as part of nature human being can be also consider in this category. Than why we worship other as god? It suggest the lack of self confidence. When we feared we believe"God will help me" but if we are capable to do it than we never remember god.
    Our great Vedas told"AHAM BRAMHASMI". We alwant someone to control over us and we have created god. We are not allow to do anything on the name of religion. If one said whatever I am saying is message of god and I am his messenger, than people believe in you as Jesus Christ. But if one don't give up to god though he is scholar himself but people made him "RAVAN". Who took Sita  for taking revenge of insult of his sister. But he is not consider as ideal brother than why Ram is only ideal one? He was also a failure as Husband.
     We have never question for this all. The concept of religion is to introduce Spirituality to common people and connect them. But in this so called modern time our nerrow mind set is not capable to accept or understand these all things.
   Religion and Spirituality, philosophy and reality connected with other but we see they all stand on every corner of square of society and human is center as god.
Thank you
                Ami sojitra

Monday, 14 December 2015

I am limited addition

Sometimes I feel like I am in so hurry to pick up myself. I forget so many things of me because of someone else who never cares for me. I am princess of my father so it is my duty to feel him proud of me like king. Whatever I learn from life is to just stay away from emotions because its made me more and more weaker. I promise my self on every morning and I check it every night. Most of the time my expectations become reason of my fall and some times my emotions. I can not fulfill need of everyone because I am limited addition.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Have new life

Sometimes life become so much easy to appreciate the reality and sometimes it become much difficult to understand a single moment. I can't remember whether my dream has colorful world of just have some Gray shades which made them unseen and I forgot in morning that what was that all. Today I am so much happy as I have some stupid but supportive friends. I enjoy it and feel like climb on first step of life.