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Sunday, 17 January 2016

My research on film and fiction

     Hi friends, this time i am working on my research. My topic is Film and Fiction, in this 21st century most of us have no time to read a long book and we used to watch a film. which shows that still we are hunger for stories, something which gives us relief from our daily life and the harsh reality. It was not only matter of modern time but from the ancient time we find place of literature in our society. We had tales from ancient time when it was in voice form, the stories passed through ear to ear than the invention of printing press has taken such a great revolution so the story passed through words to words but now it was time of technology, Film is such audio-visual material which also passed stories from one generation to other. Here i have try to make these all equal and put them in one row.
     This survey becomes helpful for me to conclude the views of people of this 21st century. Here all the personal data given by you is only used for the academic purpose.  I have participated in Global Conference of English Study and all the data will be use for this survey only.

Click here to fill up the survey you are requested to visit this form.