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Sunday, 6 November 2016

E to bas Shuruat he, aage aage dekho hota he kya !

'Hey miss confuse' he has shouted so laud that the whole class heard that and sixty four eyes staring at her. Her face turn in to red because this is not first time. It's routine of Milan and Ani to shout and finally abuse each other.
'You rascal' she shouts back.

'yup, I am rascal. Do u  wanna say anything else   ?

'No..' before she spoke he pull her and hug her tightly.She pushes him back. 'Kamine tu jarur pitega..'before she complete he put his finger on her lips n whisper in her ears.

' Don't speak anything, else I know how to control you and you are very close to me now. Think of possibility'

' Your cheek and my hand are also very close. Think of possibilities.' he left her and both laughed loudly. They realise sixty four eyes are watching them. She moved towards first bench and he sat on last one.

'i am using Close-up ' he shouts

'i am using Babool ' 

Everyone laughs.

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